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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 20 Jun 2012

Logs have many uses, but obtaining some of them can be tricky. MS Logparser's command-line interface is difficult to handle, even for some advanced users. Log Parser Lizard offers a well organized user interface for the aforementioned application. Its powerful functions will retrieve data from various sources, like IIS log files, Windows Registry or others and it will translate them to an output format like text files PDF, CSV, XML and other types of documents.

Installing the software is not a challenging task. An average internet connection should handle the 13 Mb installation package just fine and the setup process is straightforward. Before using Log Parser Lizard, you need to make sure that MS Logparser 2.2 and .NET Framework 3.5 are installed on your computer.

The software gives you access to a wide range of data, such as log files, XML or CSV files and a huge variety of MS Windows data sources, like event logs, registry keys, active directories, your file system and more. The information is very well structured on the interface, so you can find what you are looking for without any difficulties.

Categories, like event logs, active directories and so on, can be accessed by clicking a series of navigation buttons, on the lower left side of the interface. Once you select one, its sub-categories will be listed above the navigation buttons. Each sub-category displays various logs, under separate tabs, in the central area of the interface. The logs are shown in tables of contents and they are accompanied by numerous details, including their record numbers, creation dates, IDs, event types, messages, strings and much more.

A query can be found beneath the logs and you can edit them like in standard text editor. Before the software displays any logs, you need to run that query by clicking an option on the toolbar. Another option, on the same toolbar, makes it possible to select a log format, such as Windows event logs, HTTP error logs, IIS Log file format, XML input format, Facebook Query Language (FQL) and many more. You may also edit the query's properties, on a separate window, by inputting certain values or selecting true or false statements.

Log Parser Lizard allows you to edit and group logs, filter rows, merge cells, compress null values, and much more. You can perform these actions easily by using the options on the toolbar. The program is capable of displaying the logs as graphs and charts as well. Just click the appropriate toolbar option and the chart will appear next to the table of contents, after which you can switch between different types of charts. The software includes a great number of charts, from simple line or pie charts to 3D shapes. Exporting logs is another feature of Log Parser Lizard. You can find the options on a different toolbar and you can use them to save your logs as Excel spreadsheets, PDF, XPS or TXT documents, charts, in JPG format and more.


Log Parser Lizard supports many input and output formats. Its rich set of functions make it possible to access logs in more comfortable formats. Some advanced knowledge is required, but the software does its best to offer an environment which is easier to understand, especially if you compare it to MS Logparser.


Being able to rotate the graphs or charts would be a welcomed feature. Versatility, ease of use and a rich set of features are just a fraction of what Log Parser Lizard has to offer. It provides you with query access for a very broad range of Windows key data.

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